Hello all!  I know... it's been awhile!  Just that time of year I swear, kids going back to school, settling back into a routine, it always seems to get CRAZY before it calms down!  Now that we are mid-week, I'm finally starting to see the calmness in sight :)  So... let's see, what's new on the fit front huh?!  Well, personally, this week I will complete BURN PHASE 1 with the program ChaLEAN Extreme.   I'm really loving this program.  As I said before it is primarily weight training intensive.  I wasn't always into lifting weight, especially HEAVY weights.  But, it wasn't until about 9 months ago that I realized that muscle doesn't bulk you up, fat bulks you up!  Muscle burns fat, and the MORE muscle you have the higher your metabolism and the higher your metabolism the MORE you can EAT.  And I don't know about you, but I'm ALL for that  I LOVE to eat!  So... TIP OF THE DAY:  DO MORE, LIFT MORE, EAT MORE!  I can live with that ;)
I've also been battling a sharp shooting pain right in my muscle in my forearm, below my elbow.  I don't believe it's anything serious, I just think I have a tight muscle in my upper arm/shoulder/neck area that needs some attention.  What do I do for tight muscles?  Foam rolling.  Foam rolling is the art of myofascial release, which is an approach to soft tissue therepy used to treat somatic dysfunction that results in pain and restriction of motion (AKA, my shooting pain!).  Basically you roll on this cylinder of foam and it is seriously like a massage and really helps release the tightness of the muscle and ease the pain, wherever you might be feeling it :)  Try it out friends... you can pick up a foam roller at any sports store, I picked one up a Dick's for about $20.  We actually have a total of 4 foam rollers in our house!  I know... WHY?!  Well, there are a variety of foam rollers and I'm pretty sure we have all of them, they range from $12-$75.  Some are long, some are short, some have rumble bumps on them to really dig into your muscles, but really, go with the $20 to start, it's fantastic!
Ohhhh and my FAVORITE!  Next week I start back up teaching TurboKick classes again!  Next week is just an awesome start to new beginnings.  Not only do TK classes start back up, but my Return of the Routine challenge group kicks off too!  I am enrolling challengers all week and I do have a few more spots left.... Are you interested?  Want more info?  Message me!  Hit me up on Facebook!  Let's get ya started NOW!
Have a fabulous finish to the week fit friends and end August with a BANG!  September is a fresh start, it's the home stretch to the end of the year.  The final quarter of the year 2012.... How will you finish?  Time to start thinking about that and decide what it is you will accomplish this year.  Are you ready to DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED?  Go for it!

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