So, my nearly 2 week vacation has come to an end, normally this kind of time off flies by, however this year it seemed just perfect.  Sure, I wouldn't have minded it to be just a tad bit longer, but I really enjoyed my time off, didn't feel rushed, it wasn't a blur, it was just right, I really enjoyed the time with my family and got a TON of other stuff done in the meantime.  SUCCESS! 
Let me rewind back a bit and recap New Years, it was a family friendly kind of night, we headed over to some friends of ours who have small children like us and we broke bread and raised our glasses in the comfort of their home.  The kids ran wild, my  girlfriend and I rocked it on the Kinect to Dance Central 2... of course my fav of the night.... Lady Gaga!  However, to my dismay, I don't think I could ever cut it as one of her back of dancers... yikes :)  But totally fun!  My beverage of choice... Skinny Margarita of course!   Only indulged in one though, still had to keep track of the kiddos ;)
New Years day we were lazy bums, enjoyed being snuggled up in blankets, took a little cat nap, watched a really funny movie, House Bunny, HILARIOUS!  Then for dinner we made our way to my parents house for the traditional New Years meal of pork and saurkraut, YUM, I love that meal!  After dinner Tony and my dad settled into the back bedroom to watch the Browns (no good came from that room, lol), the kids played games with my mom and I headed next door to pay my grandparents a visit.  They are getting ready to head to Florida for a few months and I wanted to get over to see them before they left, plus my grandfather had a bout with pneomonia and I wanted to check up on him.  Which I'm happy to report he's doing just fine :)  Love chatting with them, they have that old fashioned mindset and sense of humor, I love it, and I learn so much just by listening to them talk, I'm incredibly blessed.  Definitely started the year off right :)
That night when we got home and after putting the kiddos to bed, I prepared myself for the next day, January 2, the day that kicks off 2012, that will set the tone for the entire year.  For the first time in 2012, I sat down, scheduled my day, got everything ready for me to start Day 1 of P90X2.  Today was Day 2 and all I can say is WOW.  This program is definitely next level stuff, I'm doing my best and I can def. say I have a TON of room to improve!  Loving it so far.
As I'm also emarking on a new fitness journey, I'm also planning on revamping my nutrition.  In my first round of X1, I didn't really follow the nutrition guide, this time around with X2, I'm definitely paying more attention in that area.  Check out what I had for breakfast this morning, straight out of my customized meal plan on, French Toast!  Made with egg substitute and whole wheat bread and turkey sausage, YUM, it was pretty good, and I didn't even use syrup with it!
So I think it's safe to say that 2012 is off to a fantastic start.  I started reading my new book PUSH by Chalene Johnson, it's a perfect read right now too because as I'm plotting and planning my plan of attack for my 2012 goals, this book makes for a great outline :)  Here's to 2012, let's make it GREAT!

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