Happy Valentine's sweeties!  Like my heart that my little Mari made for me last night :)  Actually she made one for each of us in the family, she's such a lovie!  So today's the day!  Not only is today a day of love (as is everyday!), but TODAY the new Tropical Shakeololgy is available for purchase!  Mine is in the mail, can't wait to try it out!  Go ahead.. give yourself a nice Valentine's gift, click on the image below and get ya some!
So yeah!  Let me rewind and recap my WONDERFUL weekend!  Spent the whole weekend with my loves; Friday Mari cheered at her very first basketball game!  She did great and was so super cute!  Check her out, she's a natural... HAM!
Saturday.. Tony and I hit up Nagoya for a quiet little date night, instead of the usual hibachi, we opted for a high table in the bar area.  I was a good girl and had ONE pomegranate martini, and let me tell you, that was enough!  Whew... strong stuff :)
For dinner, Tony got shrimp, scallops and salmon with mixed veggies, very good!  And I stepped out of my comfort zone and got the sushi.... and to my surprise there was some raw fish that came with the order!  Ahh u should of seen my face LOL!
I LOVED the california rolls and was only able brave enough to try the raw salmon, which was quite good!  The other two I has weren't really raw to me, the shrimp and the crab I also ate... Tony had the rest!  The weirdest one... THE SQUID!  Eeek, don't think I could ever bring myself to even try it!  But all in all, two thumbs up for dinner!

We finished out our weekend with a nice relaxing day at home on Sunday.  After early church we came right home slipped into some comfy clothes and Tony made us an awesome brunch... have ya ever had sweet potato pancakes?  YOU MUST... DELISH!  We got the mix from Cracker Barrel, probably our most fav breakfast spot :)  Soooo good!
The rest of the day was spent snuggled up on the couch with LOTS of puppy time :)  Love these pups, gonna miss them when it's time for them to go to their new homes!
So, it's a new week, I'm finally back on track with a normal fitness routine... back to X2!  Now that I have TurboKick Round30 down I can get back to my P90X2 workouts, I did some serious thinking and am going to modify the program a bit since I do teach Turbo 3 days a week so here's what my workout schedue is going to look like for the next few weeks!

Sundays & Mondays = REST DAYS
Tuesdays = X2 Chest/Back/Balance or V Sculpt + Ab Ripper
Wednesdays = TurboKick
Thursdays = TurboKick
Fridays = X2 Base & Back + Ab Ripper
Saturdays = TurboKick

And there ya go!  Tackled Chest and Back this AM and what a butt kicker of a workout!  Challenging for sure, but I'm sticking it out, been out of the lifting game for 2 weeks, but I'm back and am bound and determined to condition back up!  Have a great week everyone!

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