Hey hey fit beauties! We made it to the weekend!  Earlier this week I told you about the 5 Day TurboFire Inferno Plan that I would be taking on in order to get Hot for the Weekend ready for my trip to Florida... oh how the time flew by!  Here we are at the weekend!  Let me recap the inferno for ya and fill ya in on my results..... 
I have to tell you... at my mid-way point of this plan I was totally blown away at the fact that I had lost 3lbs in 2 days!  That's just crazy awesome to me :)  Well, I can understand how it happened because the plan had me working out like mad with Fire 55 EZ class 3 of the 5 days and then Fire 45 and HIIT 20 the other 2 days :)  Oh and the meal plan.... TO DIE FOR!  Soooo good!  A great mix of salads, yummy shakes, healthy versions of loaded baked potatos, egg salad and tacos! YUM!  I really paid attention to my calories with the My Fitness Pal app and going forward I definitely plan to use that app more often, it's very helpful!
Overall, what a great experience!  I enjoyed every minute of it and it was WELL worth it!  I ended up dropping a total of 6lbs and definitely some inches too!  I can def tell in my jeans and I just feel lighter and energized.... I FEEL GOOD!  I can't think of a better way to start my weekend, especially when it's jet-setting to FLORIDA!  Have a great weekend all!  Be good!  Eat right!  And get that workout in!  And have some fun too would ya?!  Fun.Fit & Fab style!
OK!  It's Day 1 of the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno Plan!  What a great way to start a Sunday!  For me the week always starts on Sunday.  I know, I know, it is a to be a day of rest... and mostly it is.  I utilize Sundays to plan for the week ahead, makes Monday not so much of a bear ;)  Anywho!  On this Sunday, I have one goal in mind... GETTING HOT FOR THE WEEKEND! Yes, Friday we leave for Florida for my cousin's wedding and I plan to tackle the next 5 days of this Inferno to be 'weekend ready' :)  Went grocery shopping last night, got all the food I need to follow the Inferno nutrition plan, took my measurements, even did some before photos.  I will be committed to tracking ALL my calories on My Fitness Pal this week.  I have a confession :(  I'm soooo bad about tracking my food!  Not this week, MFP is going to be my best friend for the next 5 days :)  Rocked out some Fire 55EZ this morning, breakfast was delish and I'm ready to get on with the rest of this wonderful Sunday :) Talk to you tomorrow fit beauties, tomorrow's workout is a double!  Fire 45 (my fav) and a HIIT 20... whew!  On Fiyah!
Happy weekend fit beauties!  Can you believe it is NOVEMBER?!  Seriously!  2 more months left of 2012, how are you doing with  your goals?  Have you kept those New Year's resolutions to get and stay fit?  I know what you're thinking, that was 10 MONTHS AGO?!  :)  It's OK, if you slipped a little bit, let's take some steps to get back on track, if you DID keep that resolution... FANTASTIC!  Either way, we are ending the year on a high note!  The biggest mistake that I hear and see some people making (I used to do this) is around this time they decide to push their fitness and clean eating to the wayside, they figure, "Oh, I'll just enjoy the holidays, eat anything I want, do a little exercise here and there and wait to jumpstart the fitness thing on January 1."  Am I right?!  I know I am!  Why do I know this?  Because this is exactly how I would think!! :)  I always thought, eh I'll worry about it on January 1.  But, the reality is, waiting can make it that much harder to start and stick.  You hear me?  Let's start NOW and begin 2013 at the TOP of our game in fitness and health.  Sound good?  Let's make that our NOVEMBER PROMISE, ok?  OK, DEAL :)
I have the PERFECT way to jumpstart our November promise too.  I wrapped up my ChaLEAN Extreme 90 day program this week, definitely feeling stronger.  The results?  I maintained my weight and dropped 5% of overall body fat, now at 14% overall.  Not to shabby.  My clothes fit great and my arms, thighs and core feel lean and tight.  Very happy with the results from the first round of CLX, I give the program an A+++.   Still deciding on what program I will do next, so for this week I plan on doing the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno plan!  I leave for Florida next Friday for my cousin's wedding (remember The Verdict? Below is the dress I'm ROCKIN' for the reception!)
So!  I figured, let's get HOT for the weekend and kick start with the 5 Day Inferno plan, PERFECT!  I will be starting tomorrow and I will definitely keep ya'll posted on the outcome.  I plan on following the food plan as well, so doing the plan in it's entirety.  I finish up on Thursday, will be documenting my progress of the next 5 days, so STAY TUNED!

OK!  Have a great weekend all, talk to ya tomorrow to report on Day 1 of the INFERNO!