Hello there fit friends! Yes!  Can you believe it, I've completed the 21 day Ultimate Reset program!  I feel fantastic and definitely restored.  That's all I'm going to give you though right now!  I've already done my measurements and I will say I am blown away by the outcome!  Waiting on those final cholesterol number which should be here by tomorrow, then I'll give you the full report ;)  Anywho!  I wanted to keep you posted and let ya know I am back to my workouts!  It is advised that we ease back into our workouts post reset and to not over-do it.  So yesterday I tackled a little Core 20 from TurboFire to get me up to par on my strength training and this morning I knocked out a LOW HIIT 25.  I figure I'll keep a steady pace of combining both strength training and cardio for this week :)
My next journey continues with my soulmate trainer Chalene Johnson, but this time with the 90 day program, ChaLEAN Extreme, a weight training based system.  Totally looking forward to this and to get back to lifting!  I love how this program is broken down into 3 phases:   BURN, PUSH & LEAN..... STOKED! 
Know what else I'm stoked about??  My BFF turns 30 this Saturday and we are heading over to the islands to celebrate!  Thank goodness, I finished the reset JUST IN TIME!!  Have a fantastic week all!  Get the workouts in and fuel your body right!  I know it's only Tuesday, but countdown to the weekend!  But be sure to make the week count!