What an awesomely fun weekend! I know, I know, it's already Thursday.... get with the program, right?!  Well, I'm a little slow at getting back into the swing of things, so better late than never I guess :)  But really, what a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  4 days of complete and total fun and relaxation!  Got some much needed traditional BBQ'n in, with some great friends on Saturday along with a camp fire and s'mores of course!  Sunday with family and hit up the pool out at my Aunt Kim's, got to see my parents, grandparents, aunts and cousins!   Monday my awesome foursome hit up the Cedar Point beach all day, it was the perfect weekend! 
Like I said, it took some time to get back into my routine this week, but I'm finally in my groove again!  I have been feeling a little bit out of my element fitness-wise, only because I'm not really following a set program (ex. like TurboFire or P90X), I'm just kinda doin my own thing and my Turbo classes, which last night's class was killer!  Check out the burn below!
Gonna get back into the running routine a few days next week, I have another 5K next Sunday June 10, for LULA / Girls With Sole Organization.  This will be my last race until at least September, I don't do well running in the heat during the scolding months of late June, July & August!  But I'm super excited to run in this next race, it's for an amazing organization that love and truly respect.
Well off to finish this week with a bang!  Have a great weekend guys!