I can't believe it's been 10 weeks since I started my jouney with TurboFire!  I'm still in my HIIT workouts, mixed with some Fire classes and of course sneaking some Core, Tone and Sculpt classes in there as well.  This is an exciting week, because the end of this week will mark my 60 days into TurboFire which means I'll be doing my third set of measurements.  Ahhh!  It'll be interesting to see what kind of improvements (if any) or changes from 30 days ago.  I'll be sure to update everyone with my results!  How's the shortened week treating you so far?  Have you been able to get back on track with your workouts from the long holiday weekend?  Do tell!
Ok, so as many of you may already know, I decided to begin the week, this past Monday, with the 3-day Shakeology cleanse.  The object of this was to detox my body of all the toxins I allowed it to intake last weekend.  I needed to re-charge and re-teach my body and mind how to correct my healthly eating, eliminate the cravings and get back to those healthy habits I worked for months to create.  So with that being said, enter the cleanse.  I'm going to briefly breakdown the past 3 days and let ya'll know how this all worked out for me!

The Plan
3 Shakeology shakes a day.  1 for breakfast.  A medium piece of fruit for my mid-morning snack.  1 shake for lunch, another for my mid-afternoon snack and then a salad of greens, veggies and 4oz. of protein (poultry or fish), with 1 tbsp of olive oil / 1 tbsp of vinegar dressing for dinner.  I also added LOTS of water and unsweetened hot tea to my diet as well.

Day 1
The first day actually wasn't as bad as I though it was going to be, even though it did turn out to be the worst day out of all three.  Obviously, I found this day out to be the hardest because I was very hungry.  The shakes were delicious, as always, but I like to EAT and actually chew food, so I think I just had some feelings of deprivation. I was so glad when it was dinner time because I was actually going to get to EAT a meal.  That satisfied me til about 9:30pm and then this hunger monster appeared out of no where and it literally felt like my stomach was eating itself.  I thought to myself, oh no, here's where I fold!  So without thinking twice, I knew I needed to seek out some sort of support, and FAST.  I went straight to the message boards on TeamBeachbody.com, quickly posted my issue and within minutes I had a handful of responses that helped TREMENDOUSLY.  Probably the best suggestion was extremely hot green tea.  After reading my life lines, I went right to the kitchen and boiled up some hot green tea (unsweetened & decaffinated).  I sipped on this and wouldn't you know it, the hunger pains went away!  What a life saver.  I made it through day 1 with some minor bumps in the road, but all in all, not too bad.
Day 2 
Now since I did make use of the awesome message boards, I did pick up a few other helpful pointers as well to help me through the next 2 days.  First of all I read that intense exercise, or even some excercise at all is not a good idea during the 3-day cleanse.  The reason being, your calorie intake is drastically reduced, therefore lowering your energy levels.  Which made sense because the morning of day 2 I did my usual TurboFire workout and man did I notice my energy levels and strength were way down.  I still got in a great workout, but I definitely noticed a difference.  Some other advice I recieved was that I can cut my fruit in half and use some in my shake and to also use more water and more ice to thicken up my Shakeology, this helped A LOT and made me feel more full and I didn't get as hungry as fast.  I was also told I could add at least one more small piece of fruit, which I did, and it ended up going into my mid-day shake.  And as for my salad, I read one suggestion that encouraged me to use green beans, brussel sprouts and/or other greens besides just lettuce, I thought this was GENIUS!  And it really was, it changed things up and prevented that boredom of the same ole meal issue creeping in.

Day 3
I really didn't think I was going to make it to this day, but I did!  This was by far the easiest day of all 3.  It just so happened to also be my "rest" day for TurboFire, so it worked out to my advantage and really gave me a chance to regroup.   I had taken advantage of a great support system, I ran into some great people who were going through the cleanse the same time that I was and offered support to them, which made me feel great to offer my experience with someone else.  Any time that I can help others is always a reward in itself!  It is afterall my mission in all this :)  By the end of the day I was just so dang excited that I was going to get to EAT breakfast the next morning!
The Results
May I have the envelope please.... and the results of my 3 day Shakeology cleanse is, 6 POUNDS LOST! I couldn't believe it, but am extremely happy with the results.  6 whole pounds.  That's a bag of sugar.  Imagine a bag of sugar attached to your stomach or to your back side and after 3 days, it's gone, that's incredible!  I feel great and am back on track.  No cravings.  I had my favorite breakfast, the banana/yogurt "sundae" this morning with 1 turkey sausage patty and am ready to tackle some TurboFire and really attack this workout and burn some major calories!  I'm so glad I did this cleanse, it really was just the thing I needed to bring me back to that healthy state of mind.  It's good to be back!
After a weekend wedding this past week, I was left feeling a little guilty about some of the foods I ate and the beverages I indulged in :)  So, this week, I decided that I'm going to start the week with the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse.  Basically, the cleanse goes like this...
For 3 days you have 3 Shakeology shakes a day, plain, with just water and ice if you choose;  1 shake for breakfast, a small piece of fruit for your mid-morning snack, a shake for lunch, one for your mid-day snack and then a salad of greens with some protein (seafood or poultry) with olive oil & vinegar dressing for dinner.  I'm pretty excited to see how this cleanse goes since it's really the first "cleanse" I've ever done.  I'll keep you posted this Thursday morning on how I do, wish me luck!
This week I'm heading into my 2nd round of the HIIT workouts, these are my favorite!  I love the HIIT workouts because they really push me to the max and take me to that next level of fitness.  I already squeezed in my first workout of the week this morning at 6AM, I did the HIIT 15, which is the shortest HIIT workout from the program, but man let me tell you... it kicked my butt!  After not doing a HIIT workout for a few weeks I could really tell!  Nonetheless, I loved it and was dripping in sweat by the time I was through.  Once I finished that, I followed with the Scult 30 class and I feel great, can't wait to tackle some more HIITs and a little Fire 30 & Fire 45 this week.  BOOM!  What's your week in fitness look like this week?
So a few weeks ago I signed up to go through a Turbo Kick training class and yesterday I recieved my "pass" and my certificate!  Time to get to werk!  Ya'll better be at my TurboKick class!  I'll definitely keep everyone posted.  I so look forward to getting my own class.  This will keep me accountable as I work towards this goal!  Would you  sign up to take my class???

This week I'm heading into week 8 of TurboFire, time sure does fly when you are having fun!!  Week 8 is a recovery week, so what that means is that I'll be seeing alot of Fire 45 EZ, Fire 30, some Core 20 and a whole lotta stretching.  By no means is a recovery week an "easy" week.  I still plan on working my butt off!  More than likely I will throw some abs in there.  At least a few times a week I like to hammer out some P90X Ab Ripper.  It's a killer ab workout and it's only about 15 minutes long, so it gets the job done fast and effectively!  So here's to a brand new week, what does everyone else's week in fitness look like?
You know what they say... pick your poison.   And mine is TurboFire, which is, of course, a product of Team Beachbody!  I started TurboFire on March 28th 2011.  Check out my result below, which are my 6 week results, still going strong!  I’ll be posting my progress as I push on through the entire 90 days.  So, check back to see my progress and keep me accountable!

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