Hey ya'll!  It's April!!  Can you believe next month we stare Memorial Day Weekend right in the face?!  I'm so ready for summer and warm weather, aren't you?!  OK... where do I begin this post... Well let me start by announcing that I completed my first round of P90X2 last week!  My results.... I'm gonna tell ya right now they weren't drastic, but they were plentiful.  I definitely feel stronger and toned up quite a bit in my upper body.  My main goal that I wanted to reach with this round was to lower my overall body fat % and I'm so excited to say I did just that!  At the beginning of the program my BF% was at 24%, now it is at 19%!  I'm definitely happy with those results.  My next fitness venture..... Of course one that is going to get me in prime shape for bikini season, none other than Brazil Butt Lift!  The program is designed to give your booty a lift and to give you amazingly slender and shaped stems, PERFECT!  AND YES PLEASE! 
Definitely looking forward to the program, I did the Bum Bum workout this morning and it is NO JOKE!  58 more days of this and I'll be walking the runway with those VS models!  Ha! Kidding :)  But, it's totally true, the trainer in Brazil Butt Lift, Leandro Carvalho, works with these models personally, so hey it could happen! 

Ok moving on ;)  Aside from my love of TurboKick, I've discovered a group fitness exercise, CROSSFIT!  Have you heard of it??  I went to my first class last night and WOW!  Talk about intense!  The class itself is not long at all, for me 13:01 min to be exact.  Let me just give you and idea of what I did yesterday in 13:01 minutes.  Here goes.....

21 reps - Dead Lift squat
21 reps - Overhead 20lb med ball shots
21 reps - TRX lower body pull ups (where you hold on to rings over head and bring your feet up to the rings, kind of like you are swinging down and up on a set of rings)
21 reps - Military burpees

Repeat each exercise with 15 reps, then repeat again doing 9 reps...... HOLY. WOW.  Yeah, my body is screaming sore today!!! But I LOVED it and def. hope to do it at least once a week going forward!  If you get a chance def. try it out!  That's all for now fit friends!! I'll keep ya posted with the BBL workouts!  Have a fantastic week!  OH!!! P.S.  5 more days of no more make-up!!!!!