Hi there fit friends!  So we are 1 week well into the new year... how are the New Year's resolutions coming along?  I have to say that personally I'm doing just great, down 8lbs and moving right along with this 21 day nutrition bootcamp!  I'm pretty excited to get back to my workouts though, 1 MORE WEEK and will have completed my bootcamp!  Really glad that I decided to start the new year off with this. 

Even through technically I'm not suppose to workout AT ALL during this nutrition bootcamp, I did... Ooops!  But, just once and I only went about 50%.  I had the opportunity to do a Glow in the Dark Turbo workout at a Coach Super Sunday Event and there was NO WAY I was missing out on THAT!  It was sooo fun and I got to see and hang with some of my fav fit friends.
So!  Back to this New Year's thang.... It's really interesting because most people who resolve to stay fit in the new year, lose that momentum by the end of year and in short, they're right back where they were months ago.

I know NONE of you want to be that person, so what I recommend is don't make resolutions, make it a REVOLUTION.  Commit yourself to a lifestyle that will PUSH you to be the healthiest YOU that you can be. :)

So here's some tips I have for you, ya ready?  Ok, let's go!

First, get off the couch and GET MOVING.  Make a plan for your workouts, write them down, put them on a calendar, even better, tell someone else what you are doing and keep yourself accountable!

Next Step:  COMMIT.  t’s one thing to want to look and feel better, it’s entirely another to know how to do it and stick with a routine that will get you the results you want.  Don't worry your mind with creating all this stuff from scratch!  That's what the professionals are for!  There are a MILLION different programs out there that are designed specifically to get you in the best shape of your LIFE.  They even have proven results!  Do your research!  Find what will work for YOU!

But, while you're doing all that working out, don't forget that proper nutrition is also important.  You can go to pretty much any fitness club, adopt any routine, but the reality is you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!

Best rule of thumb:  eating more healthy foods, such as vegetables and lean meats, and eating the right amount of foods with portion control.

Making a resolution to stay fit is just the beginning; sticking with it is the main challenge. In a year's time, do you really want to be making the same resolution?  Ask these fine ladies below.... about this time LAST YEAR they committed to a program, got right with their nutrition and made 2012 their FITNESS REVOLUTION!

**These beautiful ladies took up my challenge group offer.  They made the choice to DECIDE.COMMIT & SUCCEED.  You up for the challenge?  Groups are forming NOW.  The revolution is just getting started.  You want in?  I'm here to help.