Welcome to a new week friends!  The week didn't start off so hot for me, but it is shaping up to having a bright and positive outcome!  So, let me rewind to the weekend.  My twins turned 5 this weekend!  I really can't believe it!  I took the whole day off Friday to get everything in order for the big birthday bash on Saturday.  Talk about a busy day!  Needless to say I did not get in a workout, but let's be honest... running around all day prepping for a twin 5 year old birthday party is a workout itself!  This year the theme was 70s disco!  Saturday, I DID get my workout in first thing in the early morning before anyone woke up (I swear this is the only way a mother can get in a workout), then it was back to prepping for the party until Haiden's soccer game.  Mari and I cheered him on and Aunt Karli even showed up with birthday balloons for the twinks!  disney princesses for Mari and dinosaurs for Haiden! 
Birthday Balloons!
After the game it was back home to get ready for the partay!  It started at 3pm and was a hit from there.  Fun was had by all and by the end I was exhausted (imagine that!)  We spent the rest of the evening cleaning and then opening all their new presents of course!  Sunday morning was their birthday DAY, we enjoyed a family breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then spent the early afternoon at another birthday party actually!  After the party I decided that a trip to Cedar Point was in order for the birthday kids.  We enjoyed a few hours at Halloweekends and even got to see the parade and a dragon show!  Perfect ending to a perfect day.
Every trip to CP we must get a pic of their faces in the hot dogs! LOL!
So, once Monday rolled around I was feeling in a funk.  Not sure if it was just a case of the Mondays, or me feeling somber about my children turning 5 and realizing how time goes by too fast or what, but I can tell you this, I was just not feeling it.  I did force myself to go to the gym on my lunch break, which did lift my spirits a bit, but I still wasn't feeling my chipper self.  The weather was dreary and that could have also played into my bummer of a mood.  At any rate, that night I decided to let all the things on my to do list go and just took some time to relax, had some soup for dinner, spent some time with my little family and went to bed EARLY.  I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and tackled my day first thing and I feel a million times better.  I spoke with a few of my clients from my fitness business and hearing from them ALWAYS puts me in a better mood.  Speaking of fitness buisness, my P90X/Shakeology challenge came to a close and there are only  10 more days until the challenge kicks off, so I'm super excited about that!  This challenge filled up with people who are so ready to change the course of their life through fitness, they are already an inspiration to me!  My wheels are turning and I'm already thinking about heading up another challenge, but I'll be changing things up a bit, so stay tuned!  Or better yet, sound off on a challenge you'd be interested in trying, whether it be trying a different program or just doing a Shakeology only challenge.  Let's hear those ideas!  Well, I hope ya'll have a fantastic week, I'm a little bummed that summer is heading to a close, but I will be heading to the Indians game this Thursday, so let it be my last summer HOORAH!  Have a good one friends :)


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