So last night I got this picture message sent to my phone, low and behold it was a sexy shirtless self portrait of my hubby!  Now, most of you that know my hubs know that he is NOT naturally this hairless LOL!  I've been telling him for weeks to nix the chest hair and show off all the hard work he's put in with the P90X program.  He finally took my advice!  He has been doing the program for about 5 weeks now.  Unfortunately, a few weeks got derailed due to the backyard patio project he's been consumed with.  So for those weeks he kept up with cardio on the elliptical and your regular run of the mill push ups, sit ups and pull ups and kept a strict hold on his diet and that kept him where he needed to be until starting back up.  Kudos honey!  I am so flippin' proud of him, he looks amazing!  Can't wait to see his progess at the end of 90 days.  Join me all, give this guy a round of applause!



06/28/2011 08:45

Looking good Hunter Dan!! -- The 2 of you are doing so amzing with these programs!! So proud of you LDB & HD :)

06/28/2011 12:10

Thanks Ashley! I've said it before and I'll say it again, these Beachbody programs are no joke, they will deliver results. It is up to us to make that a reality. DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED. That simple, we are living proof :)


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